Jurarim Organization for Youth Excellence (JOYE) is empowering women at our 2020 Women Empowerment Conference. This year, we are focusing on personal development and dedicate this conference to inspiring women of all walks of life to become the best and most powerful version of themselves. Our theme: Creating a Life You Love – The Embodied, Empowered, and Engaged Woman, strives to promote the realization and fulfillment of our aspirations and potential as women.

JOYE has brought together experts to nourish our bodies, minds, spirits and souls with brilliant gems. We will also learn to navigate financial hurdles and difficult relationships while maintaining our mental and physical health. Come join the sisterhood and leave embodied, empowered and engaged with the world. Come meet the “inner you”, I bet you will thank her.

We’ve assembled an all-star line-up of speakers, coaches and panelists to provide expert advice on the relevant topics most beneficial to women. The conference will provide a fun and inviting environment that will inspire participants with tools and concepts to create a life they love, both personally and professionally. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to connect with other like-minded women, meet authentic new friends, and be immersed in positivity while gaining new insight on the following topics:

JOYE is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote Youth Excellence by providing a beneficial environment for learning. Please note that all donations made by you or your organization are tax deductible.