Currently, JOYE provides education materials and other basic necessities to needy students in Collin County through our:

  • Back to school supplies drive – Backpacks and other school supplies
  • Prepaid meals – Gift cards for needy students and their families for purchase of basic necessities such as groceries and school lunches. Also provide meal to students and their families for the holiday season.
  • Other – Boys/Girls hygiene packages and Warm weather clothing for students

Community Building

JOYE strongly believes in being part of the community and building a better community through:

  • JOYE Adopt-A-Highway - JOYE participates in the Keep Allen Beautiful program and adopt a highway it maintains at least 4 times of the year.
  • Women Empowerment – JOYE conducts Women Empowering Women conferences to educate, empower, and enrich women and their families’ lives.

Youth Development

At JOYE, we seek to promote overall youth development, not just in schools, but in the community as a whole. We support the following programs:

  • Technology Programs – JOYE Tech program was created to help introduce children to technology that will allow them to use their creativity skills but also provide them with options for carrier development.
  • Leadership mentoring – JOYE believes that youths are our future leaders and to create an environment for strong future leadership requires nurturing at childhood stages of development.
  • Tutoring – This program was created to assisted students with their school assignment. Also provides an opportunity to stay current and ahead in their grade.