JOYE Education Sponsorship Campaign

Over the years more than 500 children have benefited from our education assistance program and hundreds graduated. Currently, JOYE sponsors over 200 children. To maintain the sponsorship of these students, we need your generous support and help by sponsoring a child’s education for a year. This support can be done by monthly $25.00 commitment or a one-time annual $250.00 donation. We appreciate all donations, and no amount is too small.

When you donate to this education sponsorship campaign, you will be providing a needy child the following annual support:

  • Payment for tuition and fees for a child for a year
  • School supplies for the year including uniforms
  • Support after-school tutoring programs for students who need extra help
  • School meal plan especially since these children mostly eat one meal per day

100% of the funds raised through this campaign will be used to maintain sponsorship of the needy children we currently sponsor and to expand our sponsorship coverage. We really need your help to make this a reality for the children to realize their dream of completing their education.