What questions can we answer?

1How many children does JOYE sponsor and what are their ages?

Currently, JOYE is sponsoring over 250 children, ranging in age 5 to 20 years old. The JOYE education sponsorship program covers the costs of each beneficiaries’ tuition, fees, books, supplies, meal plans, and tutoring.

2What percentage of donations are spent on JOYE's programs?

100% of the donations received are spent directly towards our programs which include:

  • Education – Provides sponsorship for needy children education paying for their tuition, fees, supplies, tutoring, meal plans, etc. (85%)
  • Special Projects – Provides feminine Hygiene product, gently used clothing, etc. (5%)
  • Community Building – Provides vegetable and fruit seeds to needy families, clean water, medical supplies, etc. (5%)
  • Youth development – Provide sporting gears, community service, tournament sponsorship, reading, programs, debates competition, etc. (5%)
3Is there a priority list for the programs?

The programs primarily focus on offering assistance to the needy. All communities we served are underserved communities with subsistent farming as the main source of survival. JOYE focus on two key criteria for providing sponsorship i) Neediness of the student and most our beneficiaries are either orphans, single parent families, and large families where education is not a priority as they struggle to survive ii) Performance in class, most of our beneficiaries are in the top 15 of their class with an average class of 45 students.

4How can I sponsor a child?
To sponsor a child is as easy as 1,2,3. You simply click on donate. You can leave a comment that you would like to sponsor a child and someone will contact you with the detail on your beneficiary assignment. You can also contact us at info@giftofjoye.org and leave your contact details and a JOYE child sponsorship coordinator will contact you.